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Creative and Branding Agency

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We have a combined 55 years in advertising and branding agencies in Sydney, London and New York and have spent the last 18 years running, growing and ultimately shrinking our own.
Why shrink? We wanted to focus on doing the kind of work we like doing the best, for the kind of people we like working with the most. Over the years, we had helped a lot of companies sell a lot of products – some better than others. We decided we didn’t want to be bigger, we just wanted to do better.

We wanted to help turn well-meaning businesses into purpose-driven brands. Because by doing that, we’re also doing our bit for the wider community, for mankind and the planet. In other words - doing better.
Being small and independent allows us to be guided by our conscience and follow our passion to work with like-minded brands locally, nationally and internationally from our small office on the Northern Beaches.

Conscious, not of corporate targets we have to hit, but of the difference we can make for future generations, we apply both our experience and passion with that of other change makers. For example, we work with Newkind Conference (an annual 5 day festival for social change), and youth mental health charity One Eighty where Jamie also sits on the Advisory Group providing counsel to the business and board. We are also founding members and directors of marketing for a philanthropic Agri Fintech start-up established to improve the lives of rural farming communities in The Philippines.

We also manage The Little Black Shack – a small purpose-driven eco-tourism brand our team created using our established brand building process. A process developed by over 35 years of experience and one we have been successfully applying to our clients’ businesses for the last 10 years.

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