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Growth, marketing and product experts. Change makers. Creative problem-solvers. 


We’re a growing collective from across the world with a wealth of experience, who share a common goal: to do meaningful work that makes a difference


We come together to work with startups, scale-ups and SMEs that are building solutions to the worlds greatest problems.


We match the right talent – experts in marketing, branding, communications, go-to-market, digital solutions and loads more – with the right projects to get your job done.


We believe that together, we can help you GrowBetter.

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The GrowBetter founder story

“How did you change the world today?” 


When I was a kid, this was the question my Dad asked us daily upon returning from work. I probably rolled my eyes at the time, but his words stuck. Fast-forward to the end of 2019, under eerie, bushfire-smoke-filled skies over Sydney as the world prepared to tick over into the most important decade for deciding the future of all species on this planet, and I finally reached a tipping point. I had to be an active part of the solution. 

The idea for GrowBetter had already been percolating in my brain for a while. During my career sabbatical I took time to ponder my next career move and realised that I wanted to do meaningful work that I’m passionate about, and work with brilliant people. I wanted to help shape the companies of tomorrow, by doing what I love and leaving the world better than I found it. Too easy, right? After discussing with family, friends, mentors and other talented people in my network, I knew I was not alone.

A global network of consultants, marketers, creatives and technologists, GrowBetter aims to work with organisations that are building products, services and technologies to tackle the world's greatest challenges. We will use our experience, networks and expertise to help them grow. 

I'm super excited for what GrowBetter can become and for how the power of network and purpose can come together for the greater good. I look forward to collaborating and co-creating with you!

Kelly Godfrey

Founder, marketer, collaborator



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